Motorized Card Readers/writers

MINGTE’s compact motorized card readers are developed with space saving, high reliability & security, anti-skimming and power failure protection features. They can read ISO7810/7811 magnetic strip card, read & write ISO7816 smart card and ISO14443 Type A & B contactless cards. They excel in various fields, including Kiosk Terminals, Fuel Dispensers, , CNG Dispensers, Parking Systems, Ticketing Machines, and Vending Machines etc.
Compact & light, high security & durability, advanced mechanical structure
Support magnetic card (ISO7810 & ISO7811)
Support contact IC card (ISO7816)
Support contactless IC card (ISO14443 TYPE A & B)-optional
Support PSAM & ESAM card (ISO7816)
Supplied with 1 to 3 SIM card slot (PSAM)
Full security shutter, with anti-skimming & card status detection
Front & back side card eject options, with power failure protection function (optional)
Clog-proof, dust-proof, environmental adaptability
Various interface (customized)
With multi bezel (Optional)
EMV Level 1 and PBOC approved
Kiosk Terminals, Fuel Dispensers, CNG Dispensers, Parking Systems, Ticketing Machines, Vending Machines

This KST-4000 series motorized reader / writer terminal has a built-in power supply (free voltage) and LEDs which indicate the status of its operation. Slim size terminal provides high reliability and enough space. Various interface options make the various applications available.
Magnetic stripe card (ISO-1,2,3 track) read / write
IC contact card read / write option
EMV level 1 option
RS-232C or USB or LAN (Ethernet) interface option
Write LoCo (basic) / HiCo (option)
High-co/Low-co card switchable encoding version is available
Dimension : 150 x 226 x 100 (mm)

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Power supply: 24VDC (Max current 3A, static current 100mA),recommended power supply: 24V/3A
Operation temperature: -20~85℃
Operation humidity: 0~90%RH
Interface: RS232 Extended interface: USB interface that supports smart card PC/SC protocol
Operating mode: The host machine sends command to control according to communication protocol
Card size:
Read and write magnetic card that conforms with ISO7810,ISO7811-1 toISO7811-6,ISO7812,ISO7813 and ISO15457 standard;
Read and write memory card, logic encryption card and smart card (CPU card) with ISO7816 standard;
Read and write ISO14443 TYPEA, TYPEB, 15693 contactless card.
Card size:Card width :54±0.5mm Card length: 85±0.5mm Card thickness: 0.2-2.0mm
Card material: Paper card or polyester card
Weight: about 1.3kg
Few card alert: 7-50pcs (0.76mm thickness card, preset qty is 15pcs)
Magnetic head life span: 800,000
IC card contacts: 500,000
Transmission part: 500,000
Size: L151 * W110 * H78.5mm
Read and write magnetic card (Supports repeat read)
Supports many types of contact and contactless IC card and SIM card reading/writing
Modular structure
The whole machine is composed of three independent modules, easy to disassemble and clean.
Double latch design
The first layer is a mechanical latch that can effectively prevent entry of dust and foreign objects.
The second layer is an electric latch that can be controlled by program.
Anti-theft device jitter card into reader
Certified with EMC, EMV, PBOC3.0.